5 Common Types of Spiders Found in Sacramento

Jul 07, 2024

Nobody wants to come home after a long, hard day and discover a nest of spiders or new spider webs. There are many common spiders in California, and spider pest control is sometimes necessary to keep infestations under control — no matter how much we would rather not think about it.

If you notice live spiders, spider webs, or spider eggs in your home or property, contact our Sacramento pest professionals today at 916-852-8800 . We can help you determine the type of spider on your property and diagnose the extent of your pest problem. Then, we can establish the best way to treat your problem.

Common Spiders in California

Below, we discuss some of the most common Sacramento spiders.

Wolf Spider

One of the largest arachnids on the planet, the Wolf Spider is often referred to as the Tarantula’s little brother. These spiders hunt at night and — despite their terrifying size — are not venomous. They may attack if provoked, but their bites are not infectious. Still, there are few things more unsettling than finding a Wolf Spider in your home.

You should note that the “big brother” — Tarantulas — are only found in Sacramento as pets. If you do happen to run across one, remember it will only bite if provoked. Venom from a Tarantula has the ability to induce nausea, a rapid heart rate, and profuse sweating if you are allergic to spider venom. Tarantulas can grow up to more than 30 centimeters in size.

Yellow Sac Spider

Yellow Sac Spiders are one of the smallest on our list. They are usually less than a quarter-inch long and range from beige to yellow in coloration. They hunt mostly at night, rather than using webs to catch their food.

These spiders can cause moderate pain and kill skin cells when they bite, turning the affected area black. However, they will only bite if provoked.

Orb Weaver Spider

The Orb Weaver Spider can vary in appearance thanks to a large family tree. They can usually be identified by their web, which is similar to the stereotypical webbing depicted in storybooks and movies.

Orb Weaver Spiders are nocturnal and actually consume parts of their web on a daily basis. Like Black Widow females, Orb Weaver females tend to eat their partner after mating.

Cellar Spider

The Cellar Spider has a small body with long, thin legs. Generally, these arachnids are tan or gray in color.

Unlike more venomous spiders, Cellar Spiders will only try to bite if provoked. Because their mouth is too small to damage human skin, property owners can rest easy.

These spiders enjoy hiding in humid, dark, and secluded areas and often live in communities. Though an infestation will not lead to bites, it could be dangerous to pets. Cellar Spiders are known to be poisonous.

Black Widow Spider

The Black Widow is a jet-black spider with a red design on its abdomen. While most people believe all Black Widows are venomous, this is actually false. Only female Black Widows have a venomous bite.

Unfortunately, that bite is reportedly 15 times stronger than the bite of a rattlesnake. These less-than-desirable arachnids can enter your home by hiding inside firewood, crawling in through open doors, or sneaking through cracks in the windows.

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