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Get Rid of California Carpenter Ants With Our Sacramento Pest Control Services

argentine-ants-scaled.2202171714550Carpenter ants are a problem for homeowners in many parts of California. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not feed on the wood in your home. Instead, they create holes in your wood so they can nest inside. If left untreated, carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to your home. It is important to begin removing them as soon as you discover their existence. However, getting rid of carpenter ants is easier said than done. You will likely need the help of an experienced Sacramento pest control technician. He or she can help you get rid of your ant infestation in the most efficient way possible.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants in a Home?

Carpenter ants look for homes that have wood with high moisture content. They mainly nest in homes that have water damage or large amounts of wood decay. This makes it easier for them to build large nesting sites. When inside the home, they will look for any available food to eat. Foods they love to consume include:

  • Sweets
  • Syrups
  • Sugar
  • Fruit
  • Meat scraps
  • Grease
  • Pet food
  • And more

A Sacramento pest control technician can help you identify the reason for your carpenter ant infestation. He or she can also recommend the best procedure for getting rid of carpenter ants in your home. The goal is to resolve your current ant infestation and prevent future ant infestations from occurring.

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

In order to kill carpenter ants inside your home, you must find their nesting site. After locating the nesting site, you can begin getting rid of carpenter ants in your home. However, finding the nesting site of carpenter ants is more difficult than you may think. It requires the help of a Sacramento pest control expert. He or she will know where to look to find the source of a carpenter ant infestation.

After locating the carpenter ant colony, a pest control technician can begin treating the ant infestation. First, he or she will examine the condition of your home and the size of the problem. This will help him or her determine the right method for killing the carpenter ants. In most cases, baits or non-repellent insecticides are used for getting rid of carpenter ants. However, a pest control technician will know the most efficient method for treating your particular home.

He or she will also know the best methods for preventing future ant infestations. This is why you should always discuss your pest problems with a Sacramento pest control expert. Doing so may prevent ants from reentering your home. It could also save you from having to undergo an expensive home renovation due to structural damage.

About Our Carpenter Ant Control Services

At Jones Bros Pest Control, Inc., we have spent the past four decades treating a variety of pest infestations. This includes carpenter ant infestations that are destroying the foundation of your home. If you need help getting rid of carpenter ants, then give us a call at (916) 884-6264. You can also send us a message online through our confidential contact form. Our Sacramento pest control team will work hard to identify the source of your carpenter ant infestation. Contact us today to receive answers to your most important questions during a free case evaluation.

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