The Top 5 Most Dangerous Spiders in California

Feb 17, 2020

If you find a spider in your home or yard, you may wonder if this spider is dangerous or just a friendly pest. If you live in California, you have a good reason for caution. After all, California is home to some of the most dangerous spiders in the country. Some of these spiders can deliver venomous bites that can result in serious injury and even death.

As such, homeowners in California need to be careful when attempting to remove spider infestations and webs. So, what are the most dangerous spiders in California?

Most Dangerous Spiders in California

Did you know that there are at least 66 unique species of spiders in California? Fortunately, most of these spiders are not poisonous or dangerous. However, these pests should not take up residence in your home. Even if spiders are not poisonous, it is important to control spider infestation.

While most spiders are harmless, some spiders in California are considered to be dangerous. The most dangerous spiders in California include:

  1. The Western Black Widow
  2. The Desert Recluse
  3. The Chilean Recluse
  4. Yellow Sac Spider
  5. Long-legged Sac Spider

When these dangerous spiders bite, their tissue-destroying venom causes severe wounds. This results in body-wide poisoning that can result in serious injury, illness, and even death. Children and the elderly are at greater risk for suffering more serious illnesses after a spider bite.

Black Widow Infestation Signs

Of all the spiders in California, the most dangerous may very well be the Western Black Widow spider. This spider likes to live in close proximity to humans and its bite is poisonous. Its venom is 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake’s venom. Fortunately, death from a black widow spider bite is rare thanks to the development of anti-venom.

Recognizing the common signs of a spider infestation is the first step to getting rid of black widow spiders. This black spider is most recognizable because of the bright red hourglass shape on its abdomen. These spiders can grow between 3 and 10 mm long. They have eight legs and eight eyes. Young black widow spiders are primarily orange and white. They obtain their black and red coloring as they mature.

The primary black widow infestation sign is the presence of webs in your home or on your property. These webs are typically messy and irregular in shape. They are often located near the ground and in gardens, crawlspaces, and basements. They prefer protected areas to build their webs, such as barns, sheds, and woodpiles. These spiders are most active in warmer temperatures over 70 degrees.

If you notice black widow spiders, silken egg sacs, or webs, it is time to contact a Sacramento spider pest control service immediately. Controlling spider infestations is not easy without professional help. A spider exterminator can safely get rid of black widow spiders for you and your family.

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