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There are many beetle species that inhabit Northern California. Unfortunately for homeowners and businesses, beetles can cause significant damage to properties, furniture and clothing. Carpet beetles, for instance, can cause serious damage to fabrics in your home or business.

These insects quickly reproduce and can invade your business or home in a short amount of time. Depending on the species of beetle, larvae can hatch within days or weeks. Untreated beetle infestations can easily cost you thousands of dollars in damages. For this reason, you should never wait to address a beetle infestation.

Jones Bros Pest Control, Inc is a family-owned pest control company with more than 40 years of experience helping Sacramento businesses and homeowners deal with infestations. Our Sacramento pest control company can help protect your property at an affordable cost.

We have a 99% success rate and are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest levels of professionalism and quality. Our team of professionals can help with beetle removal in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Carpet Beetle Infestations

As the name implies, carpet beetles are species of beetles that feed on fabrics. Carpet beetle larvae obtain nutrients, specifically proteins, from sources that include wool, leather, fur and felt. In addition, carpet beetles lay eggs in these food sources. Untreated infestations can permanently destroy clothing and upholstery in your home or business. The various types of carpet beetles in Sacramento include:

Varied Carpet Beetles: This species of beetle, which has a round body with white, brown and yellow striped scale patterns, is found across the United States. Varied carpet beetle larvae are carrot shaped and light brown in color with tiny hairs protruding from their backs.

Black Carpet Beetles: Adult black beetles have an unmistakable black shiny body with brown legs. This species of beetle is among the most widespread and can lay eggs indoors or outdoors. Adults may lay eggs indoors in air vents, piles of clothing and under baseboards. Signs of an infestation may include holes in fabrics covering furniture or uneven carpet bristles.

Common Carpet Beetles: Also called buffalo beetles, larvae tend to feed on animal byproducts.

You can prevent carpet beetle infestations by tidying up your home and keeping doors and windows closed during the spring and summer months when they are more likely to lay their eggs indoors. One of the first signs of a possible beetle infestation is spotting an adult carpet beetle indoors. Adults may find their way into residences and businesses to lay eggs on furniture, rugs or carpets.

Our Sacramento exterminators can help you determine the scale of an infestation and treatments to rid your home or business of this common pest.

Signs of a Beetle Infestation

There are common signs you should look for to determine if your home or business has a beetle infestation. Signs of an infestation can vary depending on the type of beetle. Common signs of a carpet beetle infestation may include:

Holes in furniture: This is one of the most common signs you have a beetle infestation. Carpet beetles will bore into fabrics to lay eggs. You may notice holes in furniture items. Larvae are especially damaging, as they feed on fabrics.

Adult beetles indoors: Beetles may come indoors to lay eggs. If you notice adult beetles in your residence or business, then it is possible you have an infestation.

Skins: As beetles grow larger, they shed their skins. You may notice these skins around the area of the infestation.

Due to their small size and tendency to hide in dark areas, beetles can be very difficult to spot. However, many of the signs listed above are likely to occur around the infested area of your home or office.

Possible Carpet Beetle Treatments

There are “do it yourself” carpet beetle treatments, but these strategies are not guaranteed to work in the long term. You should speak with a professional pest control company to ensure the infestation is promptly and permanently removed from your home or business.

Our pest control experts will survey your home or business, identify the source of the infestation and develop a strategy to remove the pests. We offer specialized treatments that are more effective than any products found in stores. In addition, we can offer tips for keeping carpet beetles from hurting your home or business with another infestation.

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Jones Bros Pest Control, Inc has more than 40 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners remove pests. We have a 99% success rate and we offer flexible payments. If you are struggling to get rid of a beetle infestation, then give us a call for professional and affordable pest control services.

Our Sacramento exterminators offer services in the Sacramento Area as well as El Dorado County, Placer County, Yolo County, Solano County and San Joaquin County.

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