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Crickets prefer outdoor spaces and are most often an outdoor pest. Even so, crickets will invade homes and businesses in search for food, water and shelter. If you need Sacramento cricket extermination, contact our pest control company for a consultation.

Types of Crickets in California

In California, the most common types of crickets you might see around your home or business include:

Field crickets. Outdoor field crickets feed on plants and other organic matter. If indoors, they will eat fabric. You can find them indoors when temperatures are extreme or if they are looking for food sources.

House crickets. House crickets are not picky eaters. They will eat anything from fabric to human food to garbage to rubber. House crickets prefer warm places.

Camel crickets. Camel crickets do not have wings. Unlike field and house crickets, camel crickets prefer cool areas. If indoors, camel crickets harbor in areas like damp basements, garages or sheds.

How to Get Rid of Crickets Outside

Effective cricket control depends on the type of cricket you are dealing with. Crickets are nocturnal and prefer dark areas during the day. However, some crickets thrive in warm, moist environments, while other crickets prefer cool areas.

Like other lawn and garden pests, crickets need food and water to survive. You can help prevent a cricket infestation by eliminating this type of environment. A few ways to help get rid of crickets include:

  • Mowing your yard
  • Weeding plant beds
  • Trimming shrubs and bushes
  • Keeping debris and wood piles away from your property

Many crickets are also attracted to bright lights. Turning your outdoor lights off at night or changing to yellow bulbs can help deter crickets. If these pest control tips do not work, speak with one of our pest exterminators about Sacramento cricket extermination.

What Attracts Crickets Inside?

Crickets are an occasional home invader. They prefer the outdoors. They may come indoors seeking food and shelter when food is scarce or the temperature or weather changes.

Unfortunately, when crickets do enter your home, they can damage your belongings. Depending on the species, crickets may eat fabric from your furniture and clothes. They eat wool, cotton, silk and synthetic fabrics. Soiled articles with food are especially susceptible. They will also eat human food, rubber and paper.

How to Prevent Crickets from Coming Inside

Crickets come indoors through cracks or gaps in a property’s foundation, windows or doors. Holes in window and door screens are also an easy entry point. You can prevent a cricket invasion by sealing these entry points.

We Provide Affordable Sacramento Pest Control Services

When you call Jones Bros Pest Control, Inc., we will perform a diagnosis of your pest problem over the phone. We are happy to answer your pest control questions.

At your property, our Sacramento cricket exterminators will undergo a thorough inspection. We will determine the crickets’ nesting locations and hiding spots. If they have entered your home or business, we will determine how. Then, we will determine the best way to solve your pest problem and treat your property.

We provide Sacramento cricket extermination in the greater Sacramento Metro Area, including El Dorado, Placer, Yolo, Solano and San Joaquin Counties.

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