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Are You Making These Common Pest Control Mistakes

I just love dealing with pests!” said no one ever.

If you’re like most people, a pest problem is something you’ll try to solve fast and it’s frustrating when they keep coming back.

That’s why I created a list of the top 6 pest control mistakes people make.

1. Not doing enough research on the pest
This mistake should sound obvious at first glance but it’s amazing how many times this happens. Each pest needs a different treatment approach because there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Once you can identify the pest, then you’ll know it’s strengths and weaknesses on how to get rid of the pest.

2. Treating only the symptoms and not the root cause of your pest problems.
Mousetraps, baiting for ants, and spraying around may reduce your immediate pests problems but if you don’t fix the underlying root causes then you’ll be living in a pest control video replay. Without fixing your building’s cracks and crevices, sealing up garage door gaps and more, it’s only a matter of time until more ants, mice, and other nasty pests find their way back in.

3. Spraying chemicals blindly
Pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, and fungicide are all designed for different uses. Yet, most people will pick up any can or spray bottle because, “It was the only thing around the house…” Some chemicals are designed for outdoor use should NEVER be used indoors because you’ll be inhaling toxic fumes. ALWAYS read the product label before you use it, and if in doubt, research it online or give us a quick call and we’ll tell you if you’re using it right.

4. Not following pest control procedure
Labels on pest control products are not only the instructions but they’re also the law. Not following these instructions can result in you getting a fine or misusing the product in a dangerous way. If the product doesn’t specifically say it’s intended for pest control use, then don’t use it as such. This isn’t just about getting rid of your pests, but also about keeping you, your family, and your environment safe.

5. Being afraid to ask questions, when it’s free.
Even if you plan on doing pest control on your own, any decent pest control company will answer your questions over the phone when you’re a little unsure of yourself. Here at Jones Bros, our phone staff is licensed and trained to give you the right advice (we’re also paid on salary not on commission) so we’ll happily answer your questions.

6. Draining your budget, to avoid a one-time cost
Pest control is one of those things where learning through “trial-and-error” can be dumb and dangerous. Those chemicals, collars, traps and tricks you’ll find at a hardware store are not always enough to get the job done, and it’s very easy to nickel-and-dime yourself until you’ve spent more money than it would’ve cost you to hire someone else in the first place. Pest control technicians are trained in the best ways to treat infestations and to prevent them in the future, so don’t wait until you’ve already spent a small fortune before you call.

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